How yacht charter in Turkey is trying to recover after travel restrictions
How yacht charter in Turkey is trying to recover after travel restrictions
23.1.2018 17:53:24

Sea tourism has collapsed in Turkey because of the political upheaval with Greece over the last year. As Greece applied a ban for non- EU flagged commercial charter yachts, we take the possible effects of this for the upcoming 2018 summer season.

Turkey is having hard times over the past year in terms of relations with the EU as a result of Germany and the Netherlands declining to permit referendum elections in their countries. And from the end of 2017 summer season, Greece closes its borders to commercial charter yachts coming from Turkey.

As 2018 yacht charter booking coming closer before the end of past season, Greek authorities has just issued a new rule which will fundamentally limit the number of Turkish charter yachts able to operate in their waters for the upcoming 2018 yacht charter season.

This means, things are traumatic for Turkish yacht charter companies. South of Turkey hasn’t been this shaken since the earthquake happened in 1950’s, as this part of Turkey has beautiful bays along the Aegean Sea. Some yacht charter companies say “By this time of year we are nearly fully booked, but now I only have three confirmed charters.”

Turkish Riviera, known for its lively nightlife, restaurants with views of the green pine trees, and sandy blue bays where thousands of charter yachts worked, has been shaken very deep by an extraordinary fall in number of tourist coming each year.

Just three years ago, Turkey was the sixth most-visited destination in the world (ahead of the UK), hosting close to 43 million foreign visitors. In 2016, this figure dropped to 24 million. An attempted military coup in July 2015 and a series of terrorist attacks have tarnished the country’s reputation.

However normally the case is not like this. Other than big cities like Istanbul and Ankara, the greater part of the country is marked as safe to visit on the Official maps. This means that our local businesses and yacht charter companies are being punished unjustly.

Bodrum is a very popular yacht charter destination in Turkey, showing an excellent example to ensure the country’s beat. Yacht charter professionals in Bodrum think that they can survive two bad years but a third one would be impossible. The trouble is that the sector is not advertising, so yacht charter clients can only see the bad news. There’s no way to recover this and nothing to show them to the reality. The truth is Bodrum is placed over a thousand kilometers from Istanbul, however the yacht charter bookings dropped %35 last year and an additional %40 this year.

Our foreign guests who want to make yacht charter in Turkey need to know problems of safety in reality, take the lead, and make a confidence in Turkey. For the largest part, Turkey is still the same beautiful, affordable, welcoming place it always was. Definitely 2018 is the moment to come back. 

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